What we are thankful for this November!

As we begin to bask in this season of giving, gathering, and gratefulness, our team would like to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for all this community does to lift up our efforts. Nothing we do would be possible without the support you all have so generously given us.

That being said, we’d like to highlight an event very close to our hearts that certainly never would have shown as brightly as it did without your help!

This Veteran’s Day weekend, we had our inaugural CO-FAB workshop at Priority Design! Over the course of four days, CO-FAB saw five extraordinary prosthetics fabricated through the collaborative efforts of our incredible recipients, creative college students, and driven industry professionals.

Day 1: Ideation (Design Central)

Our volunteer design engineering college students took part in an ideation session led by Design Central where they got to explore the unique problem-solving skills that this process includes, as well as how they were going to bring these devices to life with their recipient.

Day 2: Collaboration (Honda R&D)

The first full day of CO-FAB brought together our volunteers and recipients to kick off this collaborative experience. No time was wasted as they jumped right from sketches, mock-ups, and trials straight to the 3D printers! Honda R&D was gracious enough to share some of their skilled experts with our team to begin the design process.

Day 3: Fabrication (Battelle/Priority Design)

Day 3 was the cornerstone of the whole workshop. The fabrication of each device took place as our teams worked diligently on pulling parts fresh off the printers and beginning to assemble them. The printers whizzed away— and so did our volunteers! We were lucky to have volunteers from Battelle on this active day.

Day 4: Presentation (Priority Design)

Presentation day! After just three days and a morning full of last-minute refinements and assembling, the team put together presentations to showcase the final prosthetics! To see the looks on the recipient’s faces made the whole weekend worth the hard work.

We are so proud of how our inaugural workshop went! This was such an amazing opportunity to share with our whole team. We look forward to continuing our research and movements in the limb-difference community.

Thank you again to all who made it possible!

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