Meet our 2019 CO-FAB Participants and Supporters!

As we begin to bask in this season of giving, gathering, and gratefulness, our team would like to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for all this community does to lift up our efforts.

Meet our 2019 CO-FAB Recipients!

[Pictured: L-R – Mason, Andrew, Jodie, Emily, Maddie]

These deserving folks come from all different backgrounds and walks of life, but they share the same excitement over this collaborative opportunity to bring their own customized prosthetics to life!


Mason will be joining us all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! He is just eight years old and wants a black cello bow prosthesis so he can play all his favorite pieces for his friends and family. His family hopes this experience can encourage Mason in all he aspires to do in his future.


Andrew is a senior at Olentangy Local Schools. He is ecstatic about this opportunity as he has not had a prosthesis since he was just four months old. Andrew wants to fabricate a dark green helper arm that can aid in the efficiency of daily tasks, like putting on his socks and shoes. He’s really looking forward to all the things he’ll be able to do with his new device!


Jodie is a special education teacher in Worthington who has an “I CAN” philosophy. She has a dream of riding in Pelotonia, which a task-specific bicycle prosthesis will surely help her achieve! Jodie hopes to use this opportunity to show her students that there are zero limits in life and that is okay to seek help when needed.


Emily has plans to create a helper arm that will allow her to hold things with her right arm. She has not been able to use a prosthesis in the past and she is overjoyed to see how one can transform her favorite activities!


Maddie is a joyful ten-year-old who wants to play the guitar with her rockin’ pink guitar pick prosthesis. She has received a panda-themed prosthetic arm from Form5 in the past, but now wants to help fabricate her own!

Design Engineering College Students (DECS)

A group of local college students studying respective fields, such as engineering and design, will collaborate with the recipients in the fabrication of the assisted devices. These students will not only gain hands-on experience in their field of study but also in the world of philanthropy.

[Pictured: L-R – Andrew, Jen, Jake, Jonathan, Chloe]

Andrew Buxton

As a Biomedical Engineering student in his second year at Ohio State, Andrew Buxton’s biggest goal is to help his community members with medical needs. He has high hopes in bringing together 3-D printing software and all he has learned in his studies to do just that in the most direct and personal way possible during this workshop.

Jen Schlegel

Jen Schlegel’s studies in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Humanities at Ohio State have been driven by the very thing our workshop embodies: helping those dissatisfied with their medical experiences. Currently a senior, Jen has felt a similar dissatisfaction in her care as a patient and strives to use CO-FAB as the chance to advocate for personalized solutions.

Jake Coplin

Jake Coplin is excited for this opportunity to work closely with recipients and the 3-D printing process. He is majoring in Integrated Science and Design at Denison University and his senior project is based on 3-D printed prosthetics. Jake is very passionate about the collaborative process, as he wants to make the most tailored, convenient, and efficient prosthesis for his recipient.

Jonathan Hockaday

Columbus College of Art and Design student, Jonathan Hockaday, is studying Industrial Design. He is excited about being a part of this workshop because he has a deep passion for using design for a good purpose. He is thrilled to get to know the recipients and collaborate on a prosthesis that will bring them joy and simplicity.

Chloe Bresch

Chloe Bresch is a sophomore at The Ohio State University studying Industrial and Systems Engineering with a minor in Human Nutrition. Chloe is excited to put her knowledge of 3-D printing software and engineering to the test in this opportunity. She is really looking forward to getting to know the recipients and doing her part for the limb-loss community in Columbus.

Industry Volunteer Collaborators

Form5 has been blessed again with the fantastic support of our community, this time for our inaugural CO-FAB workshop! Check out our 2019 supporting companies who are sharing their passion for their industry with us, assisting our Volunteer DECS and recipients in the design process, providing technology/space, and having a hand in shaping our CO-FAB workshop! Thank you Priority Designs, IC3D, Honda R&D, Design Central, Battelle, and Clip Different.