Through its Research & Development, Form5 builds interdisciplinary teams of specialists that innovate medical and recreational devices.

As a leader in inclusive product development, Form5 focuses its innovation on the following areas: Lifestyle, Mobility, Activity, and Other. Form5 works to ensure that all members of the limb difference community are empowered to interact successfully with their world and future.

Overarching, Form5 is guided by its north star of manufacturing and commercializing the novel devices innovated by its Research & Development Committee. Through commercialization, Form5 can become a household brand in the lives of individuals with limb differences.

Form5 has a patent pending for its Bike Arm Adapter and will conduct clinical testing from 2023-2024 as it prepares to launch its first product line. The organization anticipates two rounds of testing in 2024. To express interest in Form5 devices, please complete the form below.

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