Form5’s Pivot to PPE

The Pivot:

In 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Form5 pivoted its entire production to manufacture face shields. Form5’s production of face shields was supported through funds provided by The Columbus Foundation, The AEP Foundation, The New Albany Community Foundation, and The Rotary Club of New Albany.

The ‘Form5 Face Shield’ was designed in under a week by Form5’s Innovation and Technology Committee, composed of volunteer engineering, design, and medical professionals. 


The ‘Form5 Face Shield’ is a reusable, accessible, and adaptable face shield that serves as a barrier for eyes and airways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The entire organization and its community passionately came together to realize an extension of its mission of empowering people that enabled the pivot during a global pandemic to 3-D print face shields for human and health service providers in Ohio. 

Form5’s expertise in 3-D printing and partnerships meant it was uniquely equipped to meet the critical need for PPE, helping combat the spread of COVID-19. Form5’s production of face shields was in direct alignment with its core values of respect, accessibility, innovation, collaboration, sustainability, and inclusion.

The Impact:

Form5’s ambitious goal was the production of 10,000 face shields, with over 6,000 manufactured and donated to date to a wide range of beneficiaries. Additionally, Form5 aligned private additive manufacturers to support its production, estimating an additional 1,500 face shields donated from March-August, 2020! Without their unwavering support, it would not have been feasible to produce as many face shields as Form5 did.

Although Form5 fell short of its goal, the inspiring time and passion of its board, committee members, and robust volunteer network were vital to efficient volume production. Form5 provided face shields to over 50 different organizations across Ohio.

Some beneficiaries of Form5 Face Shields include: Anderson Family Dental, Columbus Police Division, Columbus Literacy Council, Central Ohio Youth for Christ, Goodwill Columbus, Knox Community Hospital, Licking County Memorial Hospital, Local Matters, Maryhaven, New Albany – Plain Local Schools, My Project USA, Premier Vision Group, Plain Township Fire Department, Thomas Elementary School, and Wesley Woods.

The reusable face shield design was later patented by Form5.

The Future:

At its core, Form5 is a medical device company and saw this opportunity as a calling to assist the community with its unique capabilities. Through answering this call, a direct impact was made in the community and expanded awareness of Form5.

Manufacturing face shields helped Form5 expand its mission, build capacity, and strengthen its network. However, as vaccinations have become widely available and demand for PPE has decreased, Form5 is returning its entire focus to making an impact on the Limb Difference Community. The newfound knowledge, expanded vision, and increased resources that Form5 gained from this experience will only enable greater impact in the community. Form5’s new abilities can already be seen through its empowering devices fabricated by its Innovation & Technology Committee.

This trend of groundbreaking innovation will continue as Form5 evolves. Form5 is committed to creating a world where individuals with limb differences have the confidence, resources, and support to accomplish anything they can imagine.

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