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29Nov 23
Expanding PRE-FAB™

Form5 Prosthetics November 29, 2023

Form5 Prosthetics is leading the charge in inspiring high school students to explore the realms of engineering, design, and healthcare.

With a rich history of five years in organizing hands-on learning experiences, Form5 has identified gaps in traditional curricula, giving birth to the innovative PRE-FAB™ program. Launched in 2022, this team-based workshop empowers students to design and construct prosthetic devices for mock recipients, providing a unique intersection of health and science education. 

The success of the PRE-FAB program has been amplified through crucial partnerships with the Sunbury-Galena Rotary Club and the Ingram-White Castle Foundation. Their generous support enabled the pilot of PRE-FAB but has also expanded its reach, ensuring that students across diverse backgrounds can benefit from this transformative educational experience. The latest feather in Form5’s cap is a Battelle-funded Central Ohio STEM Grant, a testament to the program’s impact and potential. 

As Form5 gears up for the 2024-2025 academic year, PRE-FAB is set to undergo significant expansion. Offering twelve after-school workshops for up to 360 students, the program aims to provide equitable and accessible learning opportunities. Form5 will hire a Curriculum Specialist and Workshop Coordinator to oversee PRE-FAB. The four-week workshop immerses students in disability awareness, person-centered design, iteration, and teamwork. With Form5 Device Kits at their disposal, students will embark on solving unique functional challenges faced by individuals with limb differences. 

PRE-FAB isn’t just another STEM workshop—it’s an innovation incubator. Beyond traditional hands-on experiences, the program sparks social innovation by encouraging students to apply their skills to real-world problems. The emphasis on CAD design and 3D printing equips them with practical knowledge in biomedical engineering, a field poised for significant growth. 

In conclusion, Form5’s PRE-FAB program is an inspiring experience, not just for students but for the landscape of STEM education. With steadfast support from partners and a commitment to fostering innovation, Form5 is sculpting the future of the STEM workforce—one where empathy, creativity, and collaboration take center stage.

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