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28Nov 23
CO-FAB 2023

Form5 Prosthetics November 28, 2023

2023 brought a different chapter to CO-FAB, as Form5 hosted two workshops for the first time.

 These workshops provided a unique opportunity for collaboration and learning, allowing a broader group of students and recipients to engage in the co-creation of bespoke devices. Hosting two CO-FAB workshops amplified Form5’s adaptability and dedication to pushing the boundaries of prosthetic innovation to meet the diverse needs of individuals with limb differences. The success of these workshops has shaped the trajectory of future CO-FABs and reinforced Form5’s position as a leader in transformative and inclusive product development. 

The CO-FAB Cohorts of 2023, comprising fifteen college students and three high school students, became the artists of change, blending skills in industrial design, engineering, and occupational therapy. With the backdrop of mentorship from industry experts at American Electric Power, Battelle, Beehex, Design Central, Honda R&D, Jacobs, Priority Design, and more!

The program’s evolution continued with renaming the CO-FAB Committee to the Education Committee, with the dynamic duo of Co-Chairs Joe Kubu and Lynda Wiggington steering the ship with a focus on education. A beautiful twist emerged as Form5 seamlessly incorporated past recipients during the CO-FAB Orientation, adding layers of depth to the profound impact of this initiative. 

CO-FAB’s transformative journey isn’t just a chapter; it’s a blend of innovation, education, and inclusivity. Destiny’s and Westin’s story and the collective efforts of the CO-FAB Cohort illuminated the impact of Form5’s mission.

As a part of being recognized as one of the Top 5 Nonprofits to Watch by the Columbus Foundation, Form5 was featured in the video above. The video gives our community a glimpse of the impact of CO-FAB.

CO-FAB 2023 was supported by New Albany Meta Data Center, the Ingram-White Castle Foundation, and the Sunbury-Galena Rotary Club. CO-FAB isn’t just crafting devices; it is crafting futures, painting a world where every individual, regardless of limb differences, could envision and embrace a life without limitations.

Applications for the 2024 Spring CO-FAB Workshop are open from 12/15/2023- 1/30/2024. Apply Here!

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