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11Jan 23
2022 Milestones

Form5 Prosthetics January 11, 2023

2022 has been a banner year for Form5! We’ll let our milestones do the talking – read more below:

Launching ‘PRE-FAB x Form5’

Form5 launched another signature workshop to support STEM education, sparking social innovation among high school and college students. The inaugural PRE-FAB hosted at The Bakken Museum in Minneapolis, MN, brought together high school students over Memorial Day Weekend to build prefabricated Form5 device kits. PRE-FAB exposes high school students to potential career paths that solve real-world problems and make a difference in the lives of others.

Thanks to grants from The Sunbury-Galena Rotary Club & The Ingram-White Castle Foundation, Form5 plans to package PRE-FAB and offer it to more educational institutions in 2023.

Increasing Impact through Internships

The 2022 Summer Internship cycle engaged more diverse and uniquely talented students in the mission of Form5. Form5 again offered three internships this year; two interns supporting R&D and one aiding Development & Marketing.

Over the last two Summers, internships have advanced Form5’s mission in many ways. Through the ‘$10K in 10 Days’ Fundraiser launched in November, Form5 raised $8,500 to expand the program year-round. We’re happy to announce we’ve extended the fundraiser! Help us reach our goal – Click HERE to make a gift today!


Celebrating 5th Anniversary

Cheers to 5 years! Form5 achieved many milestones this year but turning 5 was HUGE. A celebration in August brought together board members, donors, volunteers and the community at large to toast to Form5’s innovation & empowerment.

As part of the celebration, Founder & CEO Aaron Westbrook spoke about Form5’s new stride. He defined how the organization will deliver and maximize impact through its Growth Pillars: Community, Research & Development, Education and Sustainability.

Maturing Research & Development

In addition to all the advancements with the education pillar, Form5 renamed its “Innovation & Technology Committee” to the Research & Development Committee. Renaming this committee sparked identifying its core purpose in producing devices for the broader limb difference community.

Form5 is committed to developing customized prosthetic devices for individuals with limb differences, enhancing their lifestyle, health, and physical activity. Its R&D Committee has three devices it is iterating, testing, and aiming to manufacture and commercialize by 2024. Through an outstanding $90,000 grant from the Honda USA Foundation, Form5 will be able to make all this possible in 2023!

The R&D Committee has plans to launch Alpha & Beta Testing of specific devices in 2023. To keep up with this opportunity, please follow us on social media (@form5prosthetics) and subscribe to our newsletter by clicking HERE.

Transforming Form5

The growth and transformation of Form5 is possible through your contributions and belief in our not-so-small organization. Thank you for supporting our ongoing evolution as we scale Form5 to become a household name in the homes of people with limb differences.

As Form5 continues to evolve, it is excited to share that it has received an $84,000 grant from The Columbus Foundation to develop a sustainable business model and strategic growth to expand its mission and impact. 

The board of directors will share more about this exciting investment in Form5’s mission in 2023. The Form5 team is eager and willing to do more, better serving our community and setting up the organization for long-term success.

You are the momentum behind the advancements of Form5’s mission and impact over the last 5 years. Thank you for your support and for being a part of this journey!

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