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12Apr 22
Introducing ‘PRE-FAB x Form5’

Form5 Prosthetics April 12, 2022

PRE-FAB x Form5

After three years of hosting its signature CO-FAB, Form5 is expanding its curriculum offerings and workshops. In 2020, Form5 collaborated with The Bakken Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on an exhibit highlighting the evolution of prosthetic devices. After installing the exhibit, Form5 and Bakken have had their sights on working together more!

As we all know, the last two years have brought unique challenges. Form5 and Bakken have been patient and methodical in their approach to this collaboration. After much time and preparation, ‘PRE-FAB x Form5’ was born. PRE-FAB which stands for ‘pre-fabrication’ is a three-day workshop that will engage Minneapolis High School Students this Spring. Form5 is slated to launch its inaugural  ‘PRE-FAB Workshop’ over Memorial Day Weekend (May 27 – 29th, 2022) at The Bakken Museum. 

PRE-FAB will bring together a cohort of three teams to build pre-fabricated Form5 device kits. Students will have the opportunity to learn, iterate, and apply their skills. Form5’s curriculum fuses design thinking and STEM education to spark social impact! PRE-FAB was specifically-developed to educate and train high school students in empathy, engineering, and craftsmanship. The current model of PRE-FAB does not involve the participation of individuals with limb differences, although it draws meaningful awareness to the limb difference community through several activities.

Form5 is eager to expose high school students to potential passions and career paths that solve real-world problems and make a difference in the lives of others. Form5’s workshops are experiential, educational, and empowering. Looking toward the 2022-2023 academic year, Form5 is excited about strategically aligning with educational institutions and community centers to offer workshops to more students.

Be sure to engage with Form5’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to follow all the innovation and empowerment of PRE-FAB 2022!

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