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13Dec 23
Form5 Bike Arm Adapter – Alpha Testing I

Form5 Prosthetics December 13, 2023

Form5 Prosthetics has marked a significant milestone in its mission towards innovation and accessibility!

Form5’s commitment to inclusive product development received a significant boost in 2021 when the Honda USA Foundation awarded the organization with a Mobility Grant. This grant supported the purchase of industrial-grade 3D printers, which were leveraged to increase production of the Form5 Bike Arm Adapter.

In 2022, the organization strategically chartered an Advisory Board after receiving a social enterprise grant from The Columbus Foundation, which elevated the Bike Arm Adapter to an execution priority. Additionally, Form5 invested funds into protecting its intellectual property, filing a patent for this device and others. This decision underscored the adoption of a sustainable business model, forging a path toward scaling Form5’s impact on the limb difference community.

This summer, Form5 conducted an empowering first round of alpha testing its revolutionary Bike Arm Adapter. The organization’s alpha testing took a comprehensive approach, combining hands-on trials with valuable user feedback. The 12 selected participants, ranging from 6 to 18 years old, became pioneers in experiencing the Bike Arm Adapters capabilities firsthand.

One standout participant, Gloria, embraced the Bike Arm Adapter with unparalleled enthusiasm. Her summer included mastering the art of comfortable bike riding a feat that added another layer to her already impressive list of accomplishments (including playing three instruments and shooting a bow & arrow)!

Integral to the success of this initiative was the organization’s Summer Internship Program, where undergraduate students engage in Research & Development efforts. This collaborative approach advanced the testing process and provided valuable workforce development opportunities to students. The 2023 Summer Interns played a vital role in designing and manufacturing the Bike Arm Adapter, bringing fresh perspectives and energy to the innovative process.

As the first round of alpha testing concludes, Form5 is poised for the future. Form5 plans to conduct two rounds of clinical testing in 2024 and aims to launch the product the following year. The data collected from user experiences will guide further refinement, laying a robust foundation for commercializing the Bike Arm Adapter. To scale production and create a national footprint, Form5 envisions a world where individuals with limb differences have the confidence, resources, and support to accomplish anything they can imagine!

Form5’s impactful journey is made possible through the unwavering support of key partners: American Electric Power Foundation, The Columbus Foundation, Crane Group, Design Central, Honda USA Foundation, Huntington Bank, and many individual donors who contributed to the R&D Fund the Need campaign this Summer.

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